Student Creed

I believe in myself. I am confident. I can accomplish my goals.
I believe in what I study. I am disciplined. I am ready to learn and advance.
I believe in my teachers. I show respect for all who help me progress.


Code of Mindful Action

I protect life and health, I avoid violence whenever possible.
I respect the property and space of all, I avoid taking what has not been offered.
I develop significant relationships, I avoid abusing others for selfish gain.
I thoughtfully express the truth, I avoid the confusion of dishonest words.
I cultivate a positive attitude, healthy body and clear mind, I avoid whatever would reduce my physical or mental well-being.
I communicate health, happiness, and peace of mind to everyone I meet, I avoid violent, disturbing and unduly critical speech.
I promote harmony and positive momentum to bring out the best in everyone, I avoid causing alienation, doubt, and division among others.
I encourage all to speak purposefully from the heart, I avoid the dull contentment of gossip and small talk.
I am as enthusiastic about others fulfillment as I am about my own, I avoid treating others’ successes as the cause of my lacks.
I promote the enjoyment of life, and encourage others with my smile, I avoid setting myself against the world.
I promote the search for the personal realization of truth, I avoid the seductive comforts of narrow-mindedness.
I accomplish what must be done in a timely and effective way, I avoid putting off that which will benefit me and my world today.
I strive to be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind, I avoid the negative effects of worry, doubt, and regret.