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Ninja Rangers (4-7) 6 Weeks & Uniform $99

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Warrior's Edge Martial Arts offers a variety of self-defense and martial arts programs in Naperville. Classes focus on practical skills for real-world situations, with options for all ages and experience levels. From the Ninja Rangers program for kids to adult Aiki Ninjutsu, there's a path to confidence and self-empowerment at Warrior's Edge.

We offer stand alone courses for self defense also. Warrior Women is a class with female instructors. Escape and Survive is a co-ed class that focuses on basic self-defense to advanced topics like knife and gun defenses and escaping being bound by duct-tape, zip-ties, ropes and handcuffs. S.A.F.E. is our high school and college student self-defense class.


We offer much more than a traditional or sport martial art system!

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Warrior Women is a self-defense program for women, taught by women. You will learn simple but devastating techniques against common attacks.

Escape & Survive is a specialized training program designed with over 40 years of self-protection education to include tactics used by U.S.M.C. Security Forces and Executive Protection Specialists. This is NOT a Karate class. This is the real skills you need to escape and defeat a much larger attacker.


Our S.A.F.E Self-Defense program for High School and College Students gives your loved ones the information they need to live a safe life in the real world.

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