What is Aiki Ninjutsu?

How does Aiki Ninjutsu Compare to other martial arts?

*Chart shows what the art focuses on daily

Aiki Ninjutsu was formed to bring the teachings of twelve systems of Japanese martial arts together for the modern world. These twelve systems were used by the Samurai and Ninja warriors of Japan and give us many principles and secrets that can aid a person to defend against a much larger, faster opponent who is unarmed or armed as well as defending against multiple attackers.

The curriculum of Banzenkan Aiki Ninjutsu was formed with the sole purpose of giving students the skills and principles they need to survive in today's chaotic world. The founder used his knowledge and training from years as a USMC Security Forces Team Leader, Executive Protection Bodyguard and over 40 years of self-defense martial arts training to form a system that would take students from a novice beginner to an advanced martial artist. Each belt level of training teaches students how to become more effective and efficient while using less energy.

Understanding that the training is very physical in nature, the art also emphasizes principles on becoming a more balanced and compassionate human being. The same lessons that teach how to defeat a larger attacker also have a mental lesson on how to become the best person you can be and how to attain your life goals. This takes Aiki Ninjutsu from just a martial art to that of a life art for living a life filled with success and happiness.