Banzenkan Aiki Ninjutsu is a martial art where traditonal arts meet modern day attacks and weapons with one ultimate goal: self-protection and self-perfection. With consistent and focused training, the Banzenkan student will internalize the principles and secrets necessary to live a safe and positive life while achieving their goals.

The Banzenkan motto of “Honor – Integrity – Mastery” is more than just a saying on the wall, it is a code that the student does their best to live by.

Classical Japanese Samurai sword arts translate directly into the technique and strategy of the unarmed methods of the Aiki Ninjutsu warrior.

The Banzen method uses the momentum and force of the opponent’s attack to create opportunity for the warrior to gain a tactical advantage. By using this idea of distance, timing and angling instead of force-on-force to defeat an attacker, the student can use the most efficient techniques to escape and get home healthy and happy.

Banzenkan Aiki Ninjutsu students attend regular classes that teach:

  • Powerful Strikes
  • Effective Throws
  • Efficient Joints Locks
  • Take downs
  • Tactical Ground Fighting
  • Historical Weapons to include: Katana (Sword), Bo (6 ft. Staff), Hanbo (3 ft. Staff), Kusari Fundo (Chain), Shuriken (Throwing Stars) & Tanto (Knife)
  • Firearms
  • Modern Weapons Defenses
  • How To Deal With Multiple Attackers
  • Meditation and Stress Reduction

Aiki Ninjutsu creates a system where the warrior is well rounded for realistic self-protection in today’s world.