Aiki Ninjutsu is an effective martial art that works for people of all ages and sizes which is why we have a large adult student population. A lot of martial arts specialize in kids classes with a few adults sprinkled in. We are proud that our classes are all taught by certified adult instructors.

Skills & Drills: Monday & Tuesday - 7pm, Wednesday - 6pm, Thursday - 5pm, Saturday - 11am

This beginner's class focuses on the fundamental skills necessary to learn the art of Aiki Ninjutsu. The class will cover the following topics:

  1. Ettiquette of the Dojo
  2. How to strike powerfully using 20 different strikes to include punches, elbows, knees, kicks and head butts
  3. How to fall safely (Ukemi). This will teach students how to hit the ground in a way that doesn't cause injury. This includes break falls, rolls and leaps.
  4. How to do the basic cuts with a katana (samurai sword). Each class uses the wooden sword (bokken) for warm up drills.
  5. How to use your opponent's energy against them. This is called the Aiki Kihon Happo or 8 fundamental techniques of harmonious energy. Each of these eight techniques have five attacks giving the Skills & Drills student 40 variations.
  6. Situational self-defense techniques against bear hugs and chokes.

To graduate from the Skills & Drills class, a student must demonstrate five of the strikes, all of the Ukemi and the Aiki Kihon Happo.

Aiki Ninjutsu Class: Monday & Tuesday - 6pm, Wednesday - 7pm, Thursday - 6pm, Saturday - 11:45am

The intermediate class of Aiki Ninjutsu focuses on teaching the student the middle level techniques that include the following topics:

  1. Ninpo Kihon Happo or 8 fundamental techniques of perseverance. These are the fundamentals of Ninjutsu.
  2. Eighteen ways to lock up your opponent once you have taken them to the ground. There are three sets of six called the Kime Waza Roppo.
  3. Defenses against many different knife and club attacks.
  4. Advanced situational self-defense techniques.
  5. How to use the elemental attitudes of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind to make your Aiki and Ninpo Kihon Happo techniques even more effective for real life self-defense.

A student must earn a Yellow Belt in Aiki Ninjutsu to attend this class.

Master's Club Class: Tuesday & Wednesday - 8pm, Thursday - 7pm

The Master's Club class is the advanced color belt class. Students who reach the 4th Kyu or Green Belt level must attend these classes. Students can attend the classes as soon as 8th Kyu Yellow Belt if they choose.

The topics for this class include:

  1. Ground Fighting Techniques
  2. Firearm (pistol and rifle) disarms
  3. Principles on how to deal with multiple attackers both unarmed and armed
  4. Advanced throwing techniques
  5. Gear stress training

Weapons Class: Wednesday - 6pm & Saturday - 12:30pm

Weapons class focuses on the use of historical Samurai and Ninja weapons so that the student can utilize any given object as a tool for self-defense.

The weapons covered in the class include:

  1. Katana (long Samurai sword)
  2. Rokushakubo (six foot staff)
  3. Hanbo (three foot staff)
  4. Kusarifundo (fighting chain)
  5. Shuriken (throwing stars and spikes)
  6. Tanto (knife)

Students are required to attend Weapons Class when they reach 4th Kyu Green Belt but can start as early as 8 Kyu Yellow Belt if they choose.