6 Week Course Will Be On Thursdays from May 2 - Jun 13

Cost: $175

Beginner Class - (6pm-7:20pm)


Special 2 Hour Warrior Women Intro Class - May 4, 11am-1pm - $30


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Warrior Women is a self-defense program for women, taught by women. You will learn simple but devastating techniques against common attacks, such as face slaps, hair pulls, grabs, and chokes. Self-defense doesn’t need to be complicated! It can be as straightforward as using your size as an advantage to off-balance a stronger, taller opponent.

At Warrior Women, we emphasize repetition so that you can gain the confidence and muscle memory necessary to execute these techniques while under duress. You will also learn how to strike powerfully and fall safely. Our goal is that by the end of the program, you feel comfortable protecting yourself (and your loved ones!) not only in physical altercations but any kind of confrontation, which is why we’ll also teach you de-escalation techniques, how to persevere through fear, and how to trust your intuition. We adjust our curriculum to fit to all body types and physical limitations. Your comfort is our priority!

In Advanced Warrior Women, you will build upon the skills you already internalized in the beginner’s course in order to learn how to defeat an armed attacker, maintain a safe distance, and take control of a situation.

These classes will make you sweat, think and grow! Become a “Warrior Woman” today and take control of your life instead of just living it.



Warrior Women teaches you important skills like this!


“I just finished the beginner’s class and it was amazing. I would highly recommend it to any woman who is looking to gain practical skills and confidence in their ability to protect themselves. Some of the moves are so simple and effective that it breaks your heart to think that someone might get hurt or killed just because they don’t know what to do. Take the class. You won’t regret it.” – Kelly Bender


“They aren’t kidding with the subtitle of “Empowerment for Life.” This course has inspired me in ways I never expected. I come out of every class invigorated and upbeat. We don’t simply learn self-defense moves, we’re also learning how to read situations, how to react, and how to think our way out of dangerous situations. I do feel more empowered and my strength grows each week. I’m sorely disappointed that this 8 week class is almost complete. But I know I’ll carry these lessons with me my entire life. Michelle and Rhiannon are incredibly effective teachers. This is a class not to be missed.” – Julie Hyzy


“This truly is an amazing class and I highly recommend it for all women! I’ve just competed Phase One for beginners and it’s left me feeling motivated and MUCH more confident in my abilities to defend and protect myself. Not only do they teach you the physical side of self defense, but they also teach you how to prepare yourself mentally for a variety of different situations through relatable and real examples and stories. Every class leaves you feeling more confident and prepared. I look forward to starting Phase Two!” – Katrina M.


“Michelle and her assistants are wonderful! They are dedicated to helping women learn how to protect and defend themselves in a variety of real life scenarios. While I hope to never be in a dangerous situation, I now have the tools, knowledge and ability to defend myself. I highly recommend taking this course.” – Tina R.


“I started at Warrior’s Edge in their Warrior Women’s Self Defense class. Michelle and the other black belts were effective, knowledgeable, and personable teachers that really worked to get to know you and support you in your learning! I love the Warrior Women class so much, I took it three times and then signed up for the white belt Skills & Drills classes. Initially, I was intimidated seeing that to earn stripes on your belt, you have to stand in the center of the mat in front of all of the other students and the dojo leader to perform your test… but after watching others take their tests it quickly became apparent that the culture of the dojo is one of mutual support and respect, and all of my fears went away by the time I took my first stripe test. Michael and Michelle have cultivated an environment that feels safe and welcoming. The people who study here are serious about what they are doing, but there is no feeling of competition… just community! This is truly a special place and I recommend it people of all ages and backgrounds.” – Kelly Baumgartner


“Wonderful self-defense course for women! I took the Warrior Women beginner’s class twice in 2015 and because it was so empowering, I joined the Dojo and am moving forward with more confidence and clarity. If you are looking for a good self-defense class for women, this is it. Sensei Michelle Eichenberg is wonderful!” – Ann Stiles

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