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Warrior’s Edge Martial Arts in Naperville, IL Testimonials

What People Have To Say About Warrior’s Edge Martial Arts


I am a 28 year career police officer, the last 27 years being with the Sycamore Police Department. I am currently of the rank of Police Lieutenant. I am also a 7th degree black belt in Isshin-Ryu style karate and have studied various forms of martial arts over the past thirty years. I have studied and been certified in various police defensive tactics and public self-defense tactics and strategies including serving as a D.A.R.E. officer, R.A.D. Kids instructor (Resisting Aggression Defensively) and a member of American Woman’s Self Defense Association.

In all my experiences and training I have found at Warriors Edge in Naperville, IL a first rate, full-time training facility that teaches life skills through the martial ways. The curriculum and manner of instruction is second to none. I would recommend this professional training to anyone interested in not just surviving, but in thriving in today’s environment. The classes at Warriors Edge are for children, teens, college students, women, executives– anyone, who is interested in preparing to win tomorrow’s challenges.

I strongly encourage my fellow area law enforcement professionals to seek out Warriors Edge in Naperville and find out for themselves, as I am, how their skills can be sharpened and their individual “potential unleashed” through this proven way of self-mastery.
Lieutenant Thomas Scott, Retired – Sycamore Police Department

Working with Warrior’s Edge was a journey…one we set out on cautiously. Michael’s dedication, passion, and flexibility were critical factors in our choice to work with him to develop safety training for our agency.

He assisted us in assessing and refining our training needs, took the time to learn our professional roles, and demonstrated great patience with our trainers and staff. His training was practical and unlike many other “self-defense” programs taught realistic skills which would enable our employees to effectively handle safety risks.

His safety curriculum focused on more than how to handle an aggressive act, but placed great priority on proactive measures often overlooked by instructors in our field. Michael emphasized and consistently modeled the importance of treating others with respect, and the important role this plays in our safety.

He discussed general principles of awareness and intuition. His simultaneous focus on our thinking and attitudes in addition to physical techniques offered the broad perspective on safety we were hoping for. Professional, practical, positive are what you can expect from Warrior’s Edge!
Kathy Starkovich– Dept. of Probation and Court Services, 18th Judicial Circuit Court, Wheaton, IL

It with great pleasure that I write a letter extolling the value of the S.A.F.E program (Safety Awareness Fundamental Education) that Michael Eichenberg has developed for schools. We at Naperville Central High School have been utilizing Michael, his program, and his instructors from Warrior’s Edge Martial Arts Academy for 3 years in our Physical Education program. The information that has been given our students over those years has greatly assisted our students as they venture forward to the “REAL WORLD” after graduating high school.

Michael and his instructors have conducted themselves in a very professional manner. Much thought has gone into the delivery of the message of the importance of awareness in order to feel and be safe in different environments. Instruction also includes strategies of how to deal with situations which can not be avoided.

Our School and department whole heartedly endorse this program. This has been a great addition to our Physical Education program and certainly a benefit to our students who take advantage of participating in this class.
Paul Zientarski – Department Coordinator Physical Education Naperville Central H.S.

I had many comments that were very positive about your presentation. I have had several veteran students tell me they enjoyed this year’s curriculum more than last year’s.
Thanks for making our self defense unit better and I hope to get the grant needed for your “week” visit next year!
– Joy Pierson Nebergall– Physical Education Department, Neuqua Valley High School

I would like to give the highest recommendation to Michael Eichenberg’s S.A.F.E. seminar. Michael demonstrates the essential characteristics we want all instructors to possess. I truly enjoyed watching and participating with Michael and his team teaching and interacting with the students. He emits a passion for teaching everyone that comes to his seminars and through his dojo.

Michael’s knowledge of the subject matter he was teaching was excellent. His use of varied teaching strategies communicated his desire and intent to reach every one of the students. His personal stories grabbed the student’s attention.

He treated them with respect and did not push the students into doing anything they were uncomfortable doing. The students felt secure and happy with Michael as their teacher.
Christina Goshen– Physical Education Teacher

If you want to fight like a real ninja, you would have to study the art of ninjutsu, which Michael Eichenberg teaches at Warrior’s Edge Martial Arts in Naperville. Eichenberg trains federal marshals, cops and members of the ATF how to strike down opponents using ancient techniques developed by the ninja.
– Lauren Heist– Beep Magazine (March 21-27, 2007)

As a professional, it was important that I find a facility that not only taught skills that would be useful in a real life situation, but also fostered an environment of professionalism. I joined Warrior’s Edge to enhance my self-defense skills, but also to grow as an individual. Warrior’s Edge has not only met all of my expectations but has exceeded them.

Further, I was pleased to see the importance that the instructors place on safety, thereby avoiding potential injuries of the students.

I have come to know Mr. Eichenberg as an individual as well as an instructor. His skills, dedication, patience, passion and personal sense of integrity emanates throughout the facility. If one wishes to learn self-defense skills that are practical for potential real life situations and become a better person in the process, Warrior’s Edge is the place for them.
– Dr. Kevin Russeau– Russeau Team HealthCare, Ltd.

It has now been a year since you came to our department and conducted an officer safety and self defense program. I took advantage of the free trial offer to train at Warriors Edge and have never looked back. I thoroughly enjoy the training I receive. The value of the techniques taught combined with the philosophy, awareness and respect for self and others is unbelievable.

As a Probation Officer of over 27 years with a wife and 3 children at home I some times have found it difficult to balance my life.

I am often asked how I can do such a stressful job and not take it home with me. I credit the Warriors Edge with providing me with a setting that encourages me to refocus my energy, refocus my self on the moment and force me to be more aware of myself, my surroundings, family and community. I have on more than one occasion entered the school right after work with aches and pains, not wanting to work out, miraculously, moments after class starts the tension that was causing that pain is gone, replaced by a sense of wellness and focus.

The teachers at Warriors Edge are highly skilled. I am constantly amazed not only by the level of the knowledge of the art, but also with the teaching skills. The sense of community among the students and instructors is what powers the atmosphere of this highly effective school.
– John Mains– Probation Officer – Student

I have to say this is the best thing I have ever done for my daughter and myself this year! I have been meaning to join a martial arts class for a long time but have been undecided which place to sign up. Thanks to my daughter, she knows what she wants and only wants to learn Ninjutsu!
As soon as we joined, I didn’t know what to expect and was a bit scared to learn new things at first which is typical of me. It didn’t take me long to realize how lucky I am to be in this dojo.

Everyone has been really nice, friendly and approachable especially the black belt coaches and even fellow students. Since we started in the summer, I made it a point to come here everyday with my kids.
I honestly admire Mr. & Mrs. Eichenberg’s passion to teach this martial art. I truly am inspired as one of their students to keep learning from them and all of their black belts.

Even though I’ve joined at 39, my daughter and I plan to stay longer and hopefully be black belts in the future.

So if you’re looking for a martial arts place where you will feel comfortable, guided and confident….this is the place for you!

Just know that you have to do your part on anything you want to learn and accomplish!
Thank you Warrior’s Edge!
– Portia Hoyt– Student

I started at Warrior’s Edge in their Warrior Women’s Self Defense class. Michelle and the other black belts were effective, knowledgeable, and personable teachers that really worked to get to know you and support you in your learning!

I love the Warrior Women class so much, I took it three times and then signed up for the white belt Skills & Drills classes. Initially, I was intimidated seeing that to earn stripes on your belt, you have to stand in the center of the mat in front of all of the other students and the dojo leader to perform your test… but after watching others take their tests it quickly became apparent that the culture of the dojo is one of mutual support and respect, and all of my fears went away by the time I took my first stripe test.

Michael and Michelle have cultivated an environment that feels safe and welcoming. The people who study here are serious about what they are doing, but there is no feeling of competition… just community! This is truly a special place and I recommend it people of all ages and backgrounds.
– Kelly B.– Student

I came to The Warrior’s Edge because I wanted to learn a martial art that taught realistic skills to defend myself. I stay at Warrior’s Edge because I have found so much more.
The martial art itself is fantastic! I have studied other forms and have not found one that has such practical applications for “real world” self defense. The realism training helps me to push past fear and stress so that I can stay calm and focused in a dangerous situation.

The principles behind this martial art have transferred to other aspects of my life as well. I am more focused, more aware of things around me, have more confidence and a lot less stress! Not to mention the peace of mind it gives me to know that I don’t have to be a victim. I have practical tools I can use to protect myself and my loved ones.

The variety of classes offered, are fun and challenging. Every class is different, and is offered many times during the week which is perfect for my busy schedule.

I can not say enough about the people who come here to train. Everyone is warm, friendly and encouraging. The teachers and the black belts are enthusiastic, patient and are as excited about my successes as I am. It is a fun learning atmosphere.

With everything they have to offer, why do I go to The Warrior’s Edge? The question is why would I go anywhere else?
– Donna Younan– Student

Ever since I joined the Warrior’s Edge Dojo, my martial arts ability and my quality of life have improved tremendously. Since switching to the Jizaikan system, I have learned more in one year than I had in twelve years of Karate. The Warrior’s Edge Dojo has such a great atmosphere about it that once I enter, I never want to leave. I have practiced Isshin Ryu Karate, Shaolain Kung Fu, Judo, and much more. Jizaikan Aiki Ninjutsu provided me with everything I ever wanted out of a martial art and so much more.”
– Lee Scott– Student

I started with the Warrior Woman’s self defense class earlier this year and took the beginners course twice. LOVED IT!. Decided to go for the Skills & Drills classes, EVEN BETTER!. Everyone is nice and very helpful. Classes have a mix of newbies and experienced students of all age levels. I’m 56 and just starting in martial arts. I love this place! It is awesome!
– Ann Stiles– Student (age 56)

After progressing through the Ninja Rangers classes for over a year, my daughter moved into the Skills and Drills classes when she turned 8. Learning the fundamental techniques in a mixed age group, ranging from 8 to adult, has given her additional confidence in everything she does.

While bringing my daughter to these classes I became increasingly intrigued by the complexity of the movements, so I decided to join myself. By appearance, the techniques seem incredibly complex; however, the hands on instruction allows for easy learning. Lessons are taught explaining not only how to implement the moves but the when, where, and why; with a little bit of Japanese history mixed in. There are a respectable number of black belts in every class who are willing to share their experience with you to help you achieve your goals. At every belt level, everyone in this dojo is encouraging and engaged in the process. You’ll never be more excited to learn than after someone half your size throws you to the ground.

This has become a great activity for my daughter and me to do together. In just the first class since moving to the next belt level, we are expanding on what we have learned to defend against attacks from behind and knife attacks. This gives me reassurance that my daughter will be able to take care of herself when I’m not around while also not letting her get one up on me.

Warriors Edge Martial Arts is an enthusiastic community of positive minded individuals of all ages with varying back rounds, where your progress is determined by the amount of time and effort you are willing to put into it. I highly recommend this dojo to anybody.
– Ed B.– Student

I was looking for a martial arts for my 4 year old son to start practicing and I came across Warrior’s Edge. He tried the 6 week program to start and absolutely loved it! The teachers work so well with the children, they teach them to focus, discipline and the importance of respect.

I enjoyed watching my son’s class so much I decided to to join as well. They offer an array of extra classes which I have throughly enjoyed taken part in.

I really like the fact that this martial art focuses on Self Defense. I have learned so much in the past few months and feel confident that I can defend myself and my family against an attacker.
My favorite aspect, by far, is that Warrior’s Edge is more than just a dojo, it’s a family. Everyone is always there to help, constantly encouraging, and pushing you to be the best person you can be.

There is no where else I would rather spend my nights and weekends than training to becoming a better, stronger, more confident person with my Warrior’s Edge family!
– Allyson Taylor– Student

Fantastic martial arts school. Teaches discipline, respect and self-defense. Unlike many other schools, stripe and belt promotions are earned and not just an attendance award. Instructors are friendly, patient and great with the youth classes (showing extraordinary patience). Highly recommended, I drive past 3 different martial arts schools just to get to Warrior’s Edge.
– Matt Rosenfeld– Student

A few months ago, after three plus years at a different school, my family and I were looking for a new place to learn martial arts. We did some research, asked friends for recommendations, and took several places up on the free trial classes most schools will offer first time visitors. Our hope was that we could find a school that would jump out at us as the place to join. Warriors Edge did just that.
After a few months, we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Not only is the instruction high quality and practical, but just as important, the senior students in the school show a genuine interest in the learning of the less advanced students- a camaraderie unlike anywhere I have seen.

The saying, “it takes a village…” is true in martial arts as well. One bad interaction from senior students or instructors can turn people away or discourage learning. I’ve never seen so many senior students promote the education of the martial arts as you will find here. When you know your basic questions will be answered with enthusiasm towards your learning by any owner, instructor, or senior student, it gives my three children, my wife, and I, the confidence and desire to continue to attend and progress on our journey.

My wife is also enrolled and attends the Warrior Women class here. She enjoys the atmosphere in which it is taught and how it is specifically designed for women.

As it relates to people with kids and the busy schedules everyone keeps, the classes are offered enough times throughout the week. While we don’t always make the same days and times, we generally attend two classes per week. That flexibility is important to us and likely anyone who has kids with multiple interests/activities.

I would say if you are reading a review on this school, do yourself a favor and go in for your free trial class. If you don’t absolutely love it, I would be very surprised.
– John Heshelman– Student


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