Online Training Information

Are you interested in training in the art of Aiki Ninjutsu but live too far away?

Would you like to learn how to defend yourself but don’t feel comfortable training in a dojo, due to COVID-19?

We are excited to offer you quality training in your own home through our online training academy! The academy has many options for different age groups and interest levels. We also have LIVE Zoom classes each week to allow you to get instruction and feedback from highly qualified Aiki Ninjutsu instructors!

Training Options

  • Ninja Rangers (Ages 4-7)Fun weekly classes that get your kids moving and teach basic body self-awareness, coordination, focus, self-discipline, and self-defense skills! The online academy has courses for each of the Ninja Ranger belt levels showing your kids exactly what they need to work on at home to advance to their next belt level. If they combine this with our LIVE Zoom classes, they can advance to different belt levels without ever having to enter the dojo. There are also online weekly classes available that will lead your child through some fun and informative drills and self-defense skills.


  • Aiki Ninjutsu (Ages 8 and up) - You can learn the art of Aiki Ninjutsu from home by using our online academy and weekly Zoom classes! We have courses for each belt level from beginner to black belt. These courses will cover the specific information needed for the belt that you are working on. Each color belt has a skill set as well as two principles and secrets that will make you more effective and efficient with less effort. You can use these as private lessons at any time! We also have home study classes on the academy that will help you practice at home if you can't attend our LIVE Zoom classes. You can attend as many Zoom classes as you want for the program you are signed up for. On our Zoom classes you will get instruction and guidance on how to master the skills you are working on by a certified Aiki Ninjutsu Instructor. Once you meet the requirements and are ready, you can set up a Zoom session to take your test for your next belt level.


  • Warrior Women Self-Defense & Empowerment Program (Coming Soon)This program will teach you the basic self-defense skills you need to survive an attack. We cover all aspects of self-defense, including: avoiding dangerous situations, understanding the mind of a predator, how to go from a victim to survivor mindset, using your body's intuition as an alarm system, how to verbally de-escalate an irate person before it turns physical, and how to escape a larger and stronger attacker. This program is NOT your average Karate self-defense program. It was designed with over 40 years of self-defense martial arts training as well as real-life experience as a USMC Security Forces Team Leader and Executive Protection Agent for a Fortune 500 CEO and his family. This program will teach you how to become your own bodyguard!


  • Escape and Survive Program (Coming Soon) - This exciting program will teach you to how to strike powerfully and escape from being grabbed as well as defend from positions where you are at an extreme disadvantage. You will learn how to use everyday items as improvised weapons, disarm an attacker who has a club, knife, or pistol, and escape duct tape, zip ties, ropes, and handcuffs! This great training is for anyone who travels, is headed off to college, or just wants to know what to do if they find themselves in an extreme situation, such as a home invasion or kidnapping scenario. You can join the program through our online courses or attend in-person classes.


  • Workshops -We have in-person and recorded workshops that cover a variety of topics, ranging from historical weaponry to moving strategically.  These are great stand-alone classes that can add more information to your self-defense catalog. You can pick and choose what interests you. If you want to order more than one, you can contact us for a discounted price for the second workshop!

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