Banzenkan Uikh


When the kanji are combined they translate as the “Hall of Perfection or Flawlessness.”  This is the goal of the Aiki Ninjutsu student, to become a “Tatsujin” or actualized human being who achieves their goals. It is a philosophy of always striving to be the best the student they can be, achieving what they want in the world and at the same time making it a better place.

The Banzenkan motto of “Honor – Integrity – Mastery” is more than just a saying on the wall, it is a code that the student does their best to live by.

Classical Japanese Samurai sword arts translate directly into the technique and strategy of the unarmed methods of the Banzen warrior. These sword principles harmoniously mirror the unarmed principles of “Jujutsu” and “Jutaijutsu.” The character “Ju” translates as meaning gentle, subtle or flexible. True power lies in flexibility because it is ultimately a more harmonious response to an aggressor’s attack. Guiding principles in this action of nonresistance would be: “when pushed – pull and turn; when pulled – push and turn.”

The Banzen method uses the momentum and force of the opponent’s attack to create opportunity for the warrior to gain a tactical advantage. By using this idea of distance, timing and angling instead of force-on-force to defeat an attacker, the student can use the most efficient techniques to escape and get home healthy and happy.

Banzenkan Aiki Ninjutsu students attend regular classes that teach:

  • Strikes
  • Throws
  • Joints locks
  • Take downs
  • Ground Fighting
  • Swords (Katana, Wakizashi and Ninja-To)
  • Tanto (Knife)
  • Kusari Fundo (chain and flexible objects)
  • Staff Bo (6ft.) and Hanbo (3ft.)
  • Shuriken (throwing stars)
  • Firearms

Banzenkan Aiki Ninjutsu creates a system where the warrior is well rounded in realistic self-protection for today’s world.


True Warrior Martial Arts Training in Naperville, IL

One way to test the warrior’s spirit is “Shugyō,” or repetitive austere training. These special training opportunities are designed to push the warrior’s body and mind during long training sessions. This “Gyō,” or repetition, is not intended to defeat the warrior. It is designed to strengthen the spirit, cultivating the courageous fortitude to continue on in times of adversity.

This training philosophy integrates the principle of “Nin” from “Ninjutsu,” the Japanese character for perseverance. The modern day Aiki Ninjutsu warrior must persevere in today’s society, battling idleness, ignorance and intolerance. It has been said that a “modern man can drift through life never knowing if he is a coward or not.” Modern life can become too comfortable, causing a weakening of spirit. Shugyō gives the warrior student a glimpse at their potential.

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